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What Makes a Brand Premium?

These days, hundreds of new clothing brands are popping up on every advertising platform available. One thing a lot of brands have in common is the use of one particular word; premium. See, there are brands marketing themselves as an upmarket, premium brand, and they’re simply screen printing and relabelling mass produced plain t-shirts.

So what makes a brand ‘premium’?


Premium brands tend to be unique in their designs and products, but often will have their own style which stays throughout the different collections and designs, making them identifiable without even needing to see the logo. If you saw a dark brown bag with lighter brown repeated shapes across the leather, chances are, you’ll know that it’s a Louis Vuitton bag. Another example of this is shoes with a red sole, anyone in the know can tell you that they are probably Christian Louboutin shoes. If you look, you’ll notice that almost every premium brand has their own flair in their products.


Premium clothing always puts you that little bit more out of pocket when purchasing. Maybe it takes you longer to decide whether to go for it, or find something cheaper. Besides, there’s always cheaper clothes available, especially from those big names you see in every shopping centre. Most people would agree that wearing their more expensive clothes make them feel more confident, after all, your appearance is usually the first impression people get of you, and clothing can make a huge difference to that impression.

So why are premium brands so expensive? Most of the time, it’s due to the process of how they’re made. Cheaper brands that can sell t-shirts for a couple of pounds are getting thousands made at once in countries like China, where labour costs are extremely cheap. Premium brands will often have a much lower number of units being created, as a lot more time, effort and money goes into their products to ensure they’re the best they can be, to justify the high price tag.

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Exclusivity & Brand Image

This may seem like an obvious point, but if you consider one of the big, premium brands; let’s use Gucci for example. Everyone has heard of Gucci, right? So you’d think that it’s not really that exclusive. But think about this, how often do you actually see someone wearing a Gucci coat, or Gucci shoes, or anything Gucci? Now don’t get me wrong, you see people wearing them, but not as often as say Primark or H&M clothes. This makes Gucci an exclusive brand, and with high profile names often being snapped wearing it, this makes the brand all the more sought after.

Influencers play a big part in a brands image and exclusivity. A lot of new brands send out their items and pay the entire cast of any MTV reality show to wear their clothes and show their Instagram followers how great they are. Now this method might work for some people, but for me, I believe this trend is dying, as their followers are starting to see straight through the posts and realise that the star has been paid and told exactly what to say.

Premium brands choose their influencers and ambassadors very tactically. Gucci have very recently pegged multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey, to be the face of their newest campaign for their Gucci Guilty perfume. This is a perfect example of a high-end brand choosing a fitting ambassador.


Last, but definitely not least. In fact, probably the most important point on the whole list; quality. With clothing, you (usually) get what you pay for.

You can buy a t-shirt for £3, or you can buy a t-shirt for £300. You could say they’re both the same item, but once you look closely and feel each t-shirt, you’ll know exactly which one is more expensive. I’m not saying that high price = high quality, but usually you’ll find that more expensive and established brands do use premium materials and packaging.

This premium feel is what draws customers in, if the clothes look and feel good, you feel good wearing them. Big brands consider everything, right down to the tags/labels. Even though most people just cut the tags off and throw them away almost straight away, you do notice when a tag is particularly good quality or unique to the ones you normally see. This attention to detail is one of many factors that influence a brand’s identity.

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Lacuna Couture

Hopefully this article has helped you understand better what makes a brand premium. We market Lacuna Couture as a premium brand, as we closely follow all of the points above, but at an affordable price. This does make our profit margin smaller than a lot of other brands out there, but the ethos of the brand back from when it was first thought up, was to be premium quality but affordable, and that still stands today.

Be sure to have a look at our Shop, we offer free delivery on all orders. Thanks for reading.

Lacuna Couture

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